Robin Mieling







 Research Assistant

 +49 (0)40 42878 3828



2021 - today Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Medical Technology
Research Assistant
2018 - 2021 Hamburg University of Technology
M.Sc. Medical Engineering


  • Feedback on Tissue Characteristics and Instrument-Tissue Interactions for Percutaneous Needle Insertions
  • OCT-based Elasticity Measurement, Force Estimation and Motion Tracking
  • Robotic Needle Insertions
  • Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis


  • Research assistant
  • PhD student



  • M. Neidhardt, S. Gerlach, R. Mieling, M. Laves, T. Weiß, M. Gromniak, A. Fitzek, D. Möbius, I. Kniep, A. Ron, J. Schädler, A. Heinemann, K. Püschel, B. Ondruschka, A. Schlaefer (2022). Robotic Tissue Sampling for Safe Post-mortem Biopsy in Infectious Corpses. IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics, Bionics. 1-1 [Abstract] [doi] [BibTex]


  • R. Mieling, J. Sprenger, S. Latus, L. Bargsten, A. Schlaefer (2021). A novel optical needle probe for deep learning-based tissue elasticity characterization:. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering. 7 (1), 21-25. [Abstract] [doi] [www] [BibTex]


  • R. Mieling, S. Latus, N. Gessert, M. Lutz, A. Schlaefer (2020). Deep learning-based rotation frequency estimation and NURD correction for IVOCT image data. (Suppl1) International Journal of CARS'2020. 15 (1), 162-163. [Abstract] [doi] [BibTex]